Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Tea- Windsor Castle Tea


I have been searching, and searching, for the perfect black tea to go with a salmon dish that I want to serve at one of my upcoming teas. I knew that I was going to serve a whisky-flavored black tea, the smooth malty and oaky notes that are in the whisky tea blend perfect with the salmon, although I needed to find an alternative black tea for those who would not drink the whisky tea

Thus, I began my search for that perfect blend of black tea. Many of the black teas that I had sampled were too strong for the dish that I had in mind while others were too weak. I had almost given up on finding my ‘perfect black tea’ when a box of samples arrived from Culinary Teas.

I sniffed each tea hoping that one would stand out as the perfect blend of black tea, when the Windsor Castle tea caught my attention. Of course, at the time I did not think that it would be that ‘perfect black tea’ because the tea held a distinctive Darjeeling smell to it. Nevertheless, I fixed me a single pot of it and I have to say that the notes that I tasted in the tea surprised me.

The Assam in the tea has a nice full-bodied malty taste, which is what I liked about the whisky tea, but it’s the Kenya helps pull out the flavor while the light and delicate muscatel flavor of the Darjeeling rounds it out.

For me, Windsor Castle  Tea is the prefect blend of black tea and it is highly versatile because I can easily see this tea being served for breakfast or in the afternoon.

The only thing that was left for me to do was to hold a sample tea to ensure that the Windsor Castle Tea would go well with the dishes that I was going to serve. I can happily report that the tea and the dishes were perfect together!


  I can see Mr. Darcy ordering this tea to serve at Pemberley.


Fresh Garden Veggies on top of an oatmeal bap with a lemon-dill spread, cucumber sandwiches, and open-faced  freshwater salmon with a honey mustard sauce.


Windsor Castle Tea is a full bodied flavorful tea with toasty notes of Darjeeling. Maltiness from Assam and deep flavor with golden brightness from Kenya. Worthy of being served at the Queen's home.

Country of Origin:
Sri Lanka/India                        

Nuwara Eliya, Dimbula / Assam, Darjeeling, South India

Cup Characteristics:
Full bodied flavoury tea with toasty notes from Darjeeling, maltiness from Assam and lively flavor from Ceylon. Worthy of royal households.

Bright coppery color.

Find out more about this tea HERE

PD*28518050 Windsor Castle 


To order Windsor Castle Tea you may do so HERE.

I would like to thank Culinary Teas for sending me this sample!

Until We Meet Again,

Angela 5

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