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Mr. Darcy’s Promise-blog hop & Giveaway

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I would like to Welcome Jeanna Ellsworth to Addicted to Jane Austen.

I am so excited to able to share a snippet of chapter 1 from Mr. Darcy’s Promise with you.

There are few things that I would like tell you about before I share chapter 1 with you.

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Chapter 1

Georgiana struggled again with her once strongly-held conviction that she was doing the right thing in surprising her brother at Netherfield. She looked across the carriage at Mrs. Annesley, who was quietly reading her book. Georgiana was never one to deceive anyone, and certainly not the companion who had been so kind to her. Her brother had taken meticulous care in hiring Mrs. Annesley, because of the disastrous previous companion, Mrs. Younge. She knew her brother blamed himself for the significant role Mrs. Younge had played in Georgiana’s near elopement with George Wickham just a few months ago.

Georgiana willed herself not to think of that awful incident at Ramsgate. It had been meant to be a relaxing holiday at the shore, and she had been manipulated into believing that she was in love with George Wickham, all because he wanted her dowry. Just remembering the hateful words that Wickham spat at her once he learned he would not get any of her dowry made her shudder. Once again, Georgiana thanked God that her brother had surprised them at Ramsgate and that she had shown the forethought to disclose their plan to elope–– ending it before it happened. She remembered the fierce look in her brother’s eyes when she told him about Wickham. She did not want to see that look again. Georgiana took a deep breath to calm herself. She hoped she was doing the right thing in surprising him. She took out the letter she received from him a few days ago and reread the lines that had led her to make this decision.

My dearest Georgiana,

Things are going well for Mr. Bingley at Netherfield. He seems to be handling the responsibilities of running his own estate remarkably well. Country life seems to be quite acceptable to him. I too have enjoyed the hunting and grounds at Netherfield. I have met several amiable people here in Meryton, one of whom is uniquely lively. I find Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s wit engaging and a welcome relief to the exhausting flattery of Miss Bingley. I have had many occasions to appreciate her willful opinions, some of which have been aimed directly at me, and they seem to be shed as quickly as breath itself. Her mind is so intelligent and charming, that I must admit that I cannot help but listen as she speaks. I have never met a lady with such decided opinions . . .

Georgiana folded the letter. He had gone on to ask about her studies and wrote wishes to see her soon, but it was the part about Miss Bennet that had intrigued her and made her deceive Mrs. Annesley in this way. He had never written of a lady before and he certainly had never expressed his admiration for one before. She tucked the letter away and regained her courage. Yes, this is the right thing to do. My brother is in love and I must see it for myself. The carriage turned off the main road and she could see a large stone building ahead of them. She would see soon enough what her brother thought of her arriving at Netherfield unannounced.

The house was not as grand as Pemberley, but seemed large and pleasant. As they neared, Georgiana looked up at the beautiful ivy climbing up the sides of the doorway and around the corners of the building. On closer examination, she could tell that the ivy had recently been trimmed back. Perhaps it was encroaching where it was not wanted, just like she was doing now to William. Georgiana blinked back tears and tried to rally her courage again. She had come to see the lady who had taken hold of her brother’s heart. They exited the carriage and knocked on the door. Georgiana took one more breath to calm herself.

As they were escorted inside by the servant, she looked around the vestibule. In doing so she caught sight of a young lady with brown curly hair standing in the doorway a few doors down. The lady smiled briefly when their eyes met, and Georgiana was somewhat shocked that the lady would even acknowledge Georgiana at all since they did not know each other. Georgiana heard her own name announced down the hall to her right, followed by jubilant exclamations from Mr. Bingley, followed by her brother’s deeper, more concerned voice. Both voices were rapidly approaching.

Mr. Darcy took long strides out the study door and saw that it really was his sister, Georgiana. Why was she here? Her face showed concern when she saw him and she smiled slightly but somewhat nervously. When he had first heard Georgiana announced by the servant he was quite concerned. Upon seeing her appear healthy, although apprehensive, he relaxed a little.

“Georgiana? Has something happened? Why are you at Netherfield?” Before he could finish the last sentence Georgiana ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. He embraced her tenderly and kissed the top of her head, but he could tell she had started to cry. “There now, Georgie, I am just surprised to see you.” He continued whispering comforting things in her ear, tucking stray curls behind her ear. It took several minutes of these ministrations before she improved. When the tears seemed to have subsided, he took her shoulders and pulled her away to get a good look at her. “It is so good to see you! I have missed you so much, but what has brought you to Netherfield?”

“Were you not expecting us, sir?” Mrs. Annesley asked. “Georgiana told me you had summoned her!”

Mr. Darcy looked at the embarrassment on Georgiana’s face and the shock on Mrs. Annesley’s face. He then noticed Elizabeth standing in the doorway watching the exchange. This was not the time or place to talk to Georgiana about her ruse. He was just so grateful to see her. “It is no concern! I will take my sister any day, any time! Come my sweet, there is someone I want you to meet.” He took Georgiana’s hand and led her towards Miss Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had watched the warm welcome between brother and sister and did not know what to make of it. Mr. Darcy was so animated and caring to his sister. He had kissed her and embraced her so tenderly. This was not the prideful “Master of Pemberley” that had been introduced at the Meryton Assembly and had snubbed her for a dancing partner. And it certainly wasn’t the same aloof man who judged all those around him. She was quite baffled. She realized they were heading her way. Surely he does not mean to introduce her to me? Mr. Darcy can hardly think well of me! But just a quick moment later, Mr. Darcy had stopped right in front of Elizabeth.

“Miss Elizabeth Bennet, allow me to introduce you to my dear sister, Miss Georgiana Darcy. Georgiana, I would like to introduce you to Miss Elizabeth Bennet.”

Elizabeth watched an enormous smile grace Georgiana’s face and she saw a little something else in her eyes . . . mischief? She could not tell. She was so taken back by the warm welcome and change in Mr. Darcy’s manner and the hint of something else in Georgiana’s eyes that she almost forgot to curtsy. “It is a great pleasure, Miss Darcy.”

“No, the pleasure is all mine. Brother, do you think we could order tea for all of us? The road was long and tiring.” As she had addressed her brother, she noticed that his eyes were fixed on Miss Elizabeth. He had a small grin on his face that lightened the creases by his eyes. She would have to watch closely to judge his feelings further, but at the moment it appeared she was right. Her brother loved Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Bingley spoke up from behind them. “Miss Darcy, I will ring for tea. Please, make yourself welcome in the drawing room.” He motioned to the room where Elizabeth still stood in the doorway. “I just have a few things to do to get ready for the hunting party, but I will be back shortly.” Bingley then motioned for all to follow Elizabeth into the drawing room.

Darcy eyed Georgiana suspiciously. He watched her as she struggled to decide on where to sit. It wasn’t until Miss Elizabeth took her seat that Georgiana found one, which happened to be right next to Miss Elizabeth. It seemed a little odd to Darcy that his overly shy sister would chose a seat so close to someone to whom she had just been introduced, but he dismissed the concern immediately. He looked at Elizabeth who had already started up a conversation with Georgiana, asking about her travels, the weather, and even what musical composition Georgiana was practicing. He was in awe that they seemed to get along so well. He found he was content just watching them and thought to himself that he had never seen Georgiana so open and assertive.

Why is Mr. Darcy staring at me like that? Elizabeth felt quite uncomfortable under his scrutiny and with his strange looks. She decided she had enough and said, “Miss Darcy, I am so glad to have met you. I look forward to seeing more of you, but for the moment I must take my leave of you to attend to my sister.” She stood and left the room, giving Mr. Darcy her own strange look as she passed him. She thought she heard a chuckle from him which only added to her confusion as she left the room. Why was Mr. Darcy so altered with his sister? Could I have been mistaken in his character? Her confusion worsened as she exited the room.

“Well, Georgiana! Now that we are alone, do you mind telling me why you felt the need to come to Netherfield and surprise me?” Mr. Darcy asked. Georgiana’s mood shifted back to the embarrassed and anxious state she was in when she first came. Mr. Darcy listened as she made excuses about how her studies were going well but she needed a rest; and then she said the air in London was too poor for her health. She had started on another excuse when Mr. Darcy interrupted her.

“Come now, I am not cross with you! I just think you should have written with the news that you were coming. I would have let you come at any time, but what if something happened on the road and I had no knowledge of your travels? If you had left two days ago, you would have been caught in a terrible rainstorm!” Mr. Darcy knew just how long ago it had been because that was when Elizabeth’s sister Jane had arrived and taken ill while dining with Bingley’s sisters. The next day he was graced with the most beautiful sight, a rosy-cheeked Elizabeth. She had walked the three miles to Netherfield to look after her ill sister. Her eyes had been so bright from the exercise that he wanted to kiss her right then! Of course, he did not. But it was the first time he had ever experienced such an overwhelming impulse, and it had taken him by surprise.

“I am sorry, William. I missed you. Thank you for not being angry with me.” She paused and then continued. “Why is Miss Bennet here at Netherfield?”

Mr. Darcy brought his mind back to the present. “Miss Bennet caught a fever and cold two days ago, but she is recovering well.”

Georgiana was even more confused. “But she did not look ill a moment ago.”

“Forgive me, allow me to clarify. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is here to care for her eldest sister, Miss Jane Bennet. It is she who is ill.”

That made more sense to Georgiana. It pleased her that Miss Elizabeth was staying here, for that meant she would have more opportunities to observe her brother in Miss Elizabeth’s presence. Just then Mr. Bingley returned to claim Darcy for the hunting party. He was followed by Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst, both of whom welcomed her profusely, already fussing over how grown up she was and how bright and cheerful she looked. Georgiana shyly greeted them and looked to William. She knew from experience that as soon as William left, Miss Bingley would let up, but until then she had to endure the constant compliments that always were said just loud enough for William to hear.

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