Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Sunday Salon…Winter Reading

 There is nothing better than a hot cuppa tea and good book (and a pair of fingerless gloves) on a cold winters day. And I must say, I am tired of the snow and ice and more ice although it has offered the perfect opportunity to curl up with a few good books and catch up on my reading. (It wasn’t like I was going anywhere)
imagesCAZHXN7S I finally finished The Phantom of Pemberley by Regina Jeffers (review to come) as well as a rereading of Darcy and Fitzwilliam by Karen V. Wasylowski. Both books were definitely unique takes on P&P and I had immense fun exploring the worlds they created. I had intended to start Sons and Daughters, the follow up to Darcy and Fitzwilliam, although I forgot to pack the book. (They need to make a suitcase just for books, if they already have one I need to find it.)
I did manage to bring along The Journey by Jane Hahn (review toimagesCAN83LLC come), which quickly became one of my favorite P&P retellings. The Watsons has finally been checked off my tbr list as I read it for  a Jane Austen course a dear friend is teaching. Sadly, that was all the Austen-inspired novels that were in my bag.
imagesCAIC4THV However, I did manage to mimagesCAXBNN40ake a dent in my Georgette Heyer books. I started and finished The  Convenient Marriage, The Corinthian, and a rereading of Sylvester (I also listened to the audiobook read by Richard Armitage for the tenth time). And I am currently reading Cotillion. (reviews to come)
HPIM4195 I am hoping to read through the rest of my Georgette Heyer books (I have 5 left to read as well as a biography of the author) then start North and South. I also have a few new Austen-inspired books that I received in a book gift basket.
Have you caught up on your tbr list?
Angela A2A


  1. I have joined another Mt. TBR Challenge for the year, as it has helped a lot in previous years. And, to aid in decreasing the stacks, I am being more selective in accepting review books.


  2. No chance of catching up for me. I have a huge pile and my loved ones added to it at Christmas. Those are some yummy books that you got. Enjoy!

  3. I love that book gift basket!!!! What a great idea!

  4. I have been rereading Pride & Prejudice to celebrate the bicentenary.
    Have you also listened to the other Heyer audiobooks read by Richard Armitage?

  5. Ooo lovely photo. Winter still hasn't really hit here. It was actually fairly warm and flip flop appropriate today. I'd love to have a good winter storm before the winter is over but probably won't this year.

    I'm always adding to my reading list so never a chance of catching up I'm afraid :) But definitely a problem I'm okay with!

    Happy reading and hope yall warm up a little soon!