Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreaming of Darcy Post and Giveaway

It seems that Mr. Darcy is the perfect embodiment of the Romantic Hero.
What is it that makes Mr. Darcy a lasting literary icon? Could it be his transformation from snob to suitor? His dashing good looks? The fact that he owns a sizable estate in Derbyshire? His large fortune, (£10, 000 a year), that certainly turned Mrs. Bennet’s head.

While one cannot pinpoint the exact cause of his legendary status we do know that Fitzwilliam Darcy is the most recognized hero that Jane Austen created; he also happens to be the character most authors choose to write about, whether it is historical, contemporary, or something in-between. Many of us find ourselves fascinated by this figment of Miss Austen’s imagination and I will admit I am just as fascinated as the rest of you.

I have read so many spin-offs, add-on, and rewrites where Mr. Darcy is front and center. With books ranging from the paranormal, Mr. Darcy’s Bite by Mary Lydon Simonsen (Sourcebooks Landmark, October 2011), and Vampire Darcy’s Desire by Regina Jeffers (Ulysses Press, out now) to contemporary. Want to read about Darcy channeling his inner guitar god complete with skin-tight black leather pants? (Yes, Please!!!!) Then I know the perfect book for you, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star by Heather Lynn Rigaud (Sourcebooks Landmark, September 2011). It’s guaranteed to rock your world!

We have read about the “Trouble With Mr. Darcy” in Sharon Lathan’s fifth novel in her Darcy Saga. We have seen him take a wife (Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Mary Berdoll, A Wife for Mr. Darcy by Mary Simonsen). Kara Louise told us “Only Mr. Darcy Will Do”. Abigail Reynolds posed the question, “What Would Mr. Darcy Do?’ and PO Dixon tells us “What He Would Not Do”.

We have read about his passionate side (In the Arms of Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan) as well as his dark side (Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange). We have learned his secrets of becoming a gentleman thanks to Maria Hamilton (Mr. Darcy and the Secrets of Becoming a Gentleman) while Susan Adriani brings “The Truth About Mr. Darcy” to light. We have shamelessly thumbed through his private diaries; admit it you know you have. Yet, we still yearn for more.

No matter how he is portrayed: paranormal, historic, or contemporary at his core he is still the same iconic literary figure that was created nearly two hundred years ago. Talk about staying power.

I find myself constantly asking people “Who is your Mr. Darcy?”. Some may say Colin Firth’s portrayal stole their breath away. While others, myself included, absolutely adored Matthew Macfadyen’s poignant portrayal. On a few occasions, to my surprise, people have told me that it was Elliot Cowan’s performance as Mr. Darcy in Lost In Austen that captured their Darcy.

No matter the outcome of the “Firth-Macfadyen’ debate, I believe that everyone, once they have read Pride & Prejudice, creates their own Mr. Darcy.

That leaves me one question: Who is your Mr. Darcy?

I would be remiss to go on blathering about these wonderful titles without offering you the chance to claim some of them as your own.

Dreaming of Darcy Giveaway Includes:

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (to see how it all began)
Mr. Darcy and the Secrets of Becoming a Gentleman by Maria Hamilton
Only Mr. Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise
A Wife for Mr. Darcy by Mary Simonsen
What Would Mr. Darcy Do? By Abigail Reynolds

1 Tin of Twinings of London Loose English Breakfast tea
1 Box of Twinings of London English Breakfast tea

1 Mrs. Darcy Mug

To enter please answer the question: Who is your Mr. Darcy?
Please leave your name & a valid email address.
Giveaway is open Internationally
Ends September 16th, 2011

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  1. My Mr Darcy is definitely Matthew MF =)
    And probably second is Elliot Cowan =)


  2. For me it is the one and only Colin Firth. Amazing giveaway thank you!


  3. Matthew Macfadyen is my Mr. Darcy with his expressive eyes and wonderful voice, plus that hopeful look he gets sometimes that makes him look like a lost puppy. :)
    Thank you for the delightful giveaway!


  4. For me, Matthew Macfadyen is the embodiment of Mr. Darcy because he captures the essence of tbe character in a way no other actor has (sorry, Colin). He exudes a vulnerability that makes him endearing and a loyalty to family and friends that makes him admirable. What more could you want in your Mr. Darcy?



  5. I would have to say Matthew Macfadyen for newer versions, although I do think Lawernce Olivier did a good job as well and his was first version I ever watched so partial to him:).

    pams00 @

  6. For me, it would be Colin Firth maybe because he has 5+ hours to show the real embodiment of Mr Darcy as written by Jane Austen.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I will highlight this at my blog to get more responses.


  7. As far as the films go, there is only ONE Mr. Darcy, my beloved Colin Firth, CBE.

    In my daily life, my Mr. Darcy--who I waited for far longer than Elizabeth had to wait for hers--is Michael Lopushok (known on my blog both by his name, and by the epithet "Good Man"), who was also waiting for his Elizabeth Bennett. I would not accept anyone but a man with strong wit and intelligence, and he would not propose to anyone who wasn't a strong, intelligent woman. It works.