Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Consequences C.P. Odom


Consequences is a cautionary tale about the evils of hasty judgment, revisiting Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and one of those pivotal moments when Elizabeth Bennet throws away Mr. Darcy’s offer of marriage so decisively. What transpires from that point is well known to Austen’s extensive readership, but what if even one element in the chain of events in her novel turns out differently? Does Austen’s happy ending eventually come to pass, or is the outcome more bleak?  
And if, in order to secure financial security for her loved ones, Elizabeth does not reject Darcy, is she married to a proud, arrogant, disdainful man who, as she feared, forces her to deny her own relatives and thus condemns her to a lifetime of misery? Or does she find herself married to a man who cares enough for her to reject the opposition of his family and chance his very standing in society in order to marry a woman he loves beyond measure?
Consequences, written by the author of A Most Civil Proposal, explores two alternate realities—both tragedy and triumph.
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Book Details:
Consequences by C. P. Odom, Publisher: Meryton Press, ISBN: 978-1-936009-30-5, Published: December 17, 2013, Trade Paperback, How I read it: Trade Paperback sent via Leatherbound Reviews
My Thoughts:
Consequences is two stories in one book. The catalyst for both stories is Darcy’s first marriage proposal.

In the first story, Elizabeth rejects Darcy’s proposal and there is no turning back and no happily ever after in sight. It kind of felt as though Odom wrote the first draft of book 1, read it then decided the characters weren’t suffering enough so he added more suffering and heartache.

Book two has Elizabeth accepting the proposal and a happier outcome is achieved. 

If I’m being honest, book 1 had me wanting to chuck bloody thing in the bin and never see it again. It was really a depressing little tale that had the characters of Pride & Prejudice dropping like flies. You may need to keep the tissues handy when reading this one. But I continued reading and thankfully book 2 was bright and sunny and much more uplifting. I also really enjoyed seeing Charlotte Collin’s as a stronger character.  

Overall, I trudged through book 1 but enjoyed book 2. Odom’s writing style was intriguing and true to that of Miss Austen’s and I look forward to reading more from this author.



  1. It sounds intriguing. I am looking forward to reading Consequences. I thoroughly enjoyed A Most Civil Proposal

  2. I have book one and I was warned about what to expect, but it sounds like I should have book two handy to cheer me up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is one book with two parts in it.

  3. Thank you for the review. The book seems very appealing, and I like it when Austenesque authors have good writing style and try to stay true to Regency language!

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