Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday’s Wonderings—Talking about Edition Addiction and a Giveaway

Monday's Wonderings

Recently I was shopping with a few dear friends of mine and of course, like the true book addicts we are, we stopped at a little used bookstore. Naturally, I headed straight for the section labeled classic literature, immediately searching out the Jane Austen section.

To my surprise, there were four bookcases filled with Jane Austen titles, sadly, many of them were the same book, and even worse, I owned most of them. After carefully looking through the books, I stumbled upon a slender black volume with the title ‘Northanger Abbey’ in red foil script.


Pulling it out, I discovered it was an edition of Northanger Abbey that I did not own; it was also one that I had never scene before. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the edition was The Winchester Austen. I had seen the red editions before but never had I seen the black edition with the elastic closure. I knew that I had to add this book to my collection and it was only $2.98 so I scooped it up and received odd looks from my friend we loving Bingley because he has played Charles Bingley several times in local productions of P&P.

Finally, after remaining silent for about 10 minutes, he asked, ‘why are you buying another copy of Northanger Abbey? I mean, I noticed that you had like 5 copies of every Jane Austen book. Why do you need another one?”

My girlfriends and I stared at him as though he was a loon and I simply replied, “I may have 5 copies, but I do not have this copy.” He laughed, shook his head, and went in pursuit of the science fiction section mumbling something about us having edition addiction. My friends were scooping up the editions of P&P that they did not have so I was no alone.

I ask you, dear readers, does Edition Addiction really exist? And if so, do you have it? I certainly do, I suppose this is the part where I stand up and declare, ‘My name is Angela, and I am addicted to collecting various editions of Jane Austen’s novels.” Although I must say, I do not intend to stop anytime soon, if ever.

There are times when one must buy a new copy of P&P, S&S, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Emma, or Mansfield Park to replace an overly read one. I know that I have read one copy of P&P so many times that the pages literally fell out of the book. Although, other times, like this new edition of Northanger Abbey, I purchased it because it was something that I have never scene before and it held extra material that I was interested in reading.


Do you have multiple copies of P&P, S&S, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Emma, or Mansfield Park lining your shelves? I would love to hear about your Jane Austen Collection. Leave a comment and be entered to win the extra copy of Northanger Abbey, The Winchester Austen Edition.

Giveaway is WORLDWIDE

Ends September 1

What does the Winchester Austen Edition of Northanger Abbey contain?


*Four Introductions by renowned Austen scholars

-Northanger Abbey: Modern Interpretations by John Wiltshire

-Northanger Abbey: Regency Life by Maggie Lane

-Northanger Abbey: Geographical Settings by Caroline Sanderson

-Northanger Abbey: Josephine Ross

HPIM3133 *Jane Austen Timeline

HPIM3134 *Jane Austen’s England

HPIM3132 *Principle Characters

HPIM3135 *Regency Bath


Until We Meet Again, 



  1. Wow, what a beautiful book! No wonder you grabbed it up. I do not have multiple copies of Jane Austen novels, but would love to start such a collection. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I do not have multiple copies, in fact I just own Pride & Prejudice! My bookstore doesn't sell to much classics books ;( It would be awesome to win this! Thanks for the chance!


  3. What a lovely copy of Northanger Abbey. I would have had to snatch that up too. I do have multiple copies of all Austen's novels except Mansfield Park. I only have one copy of MP. My favorite one I have is an 1892 copy of Northanger Abbey/Persuasion. I love to collect old books and that one has been my best find!=)

  4. What a great find! I don't have multiple copies of Jane books. In fact I am still missing some of her books, including Northhanger Abbey. Thanks for the chance to win this :)!

    pams00 @

  5. Oh my lands! I can't believe you found that for that PRICE! craziness! I do have the Jane Austen collection in one book, but the bummer thing is it is too big to lug around with me all the time, and hard to read because of the size of it! I love the one you found. So neat!
    Enter me in your lovely drawing!!! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the books.Really interesting to read..Learn more quotes of Jane Austen

  7. I do not have a collection of Jane Austen books- just one copy of some of her works. I do love to collect books, but my collection is pretty varied. It depends on what I stumble upon. I also have a few different Harry Potter books from other countries, which I like.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I´m Brazilian and my copies are all in Portuguese. I would love to win this one. Thanks for this wonderful chance! :)

    - Fabiana Swingler
    From João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil

  9. Hello! I find your blog yesterday and I will leave comment because probably this is fate :).
    I have all Austen's books translated on my language. I remember what great fever was when collected it. I looked for them like finding treasure. I looked for them like finding treasure. With regrets I have to tell that they don't have great extras and victorian pictures like this edition :).
    I want to present to your attention the series by Beth Pattillo, (unfortunately not translated to my language so I'm not sure is it good). And also this magazines for which I'm sure are good.

    I will be happy if this help on your addiction ;)! Thank you for the chance for this book!

  10. I own only one copy of her book but the one I own are not on shelves rather in package to protect them, my P&P is a penguin edition that I bought 4or 5 years ago when I travelled to England, it a bit torn out, -__- I read it too many times XD

  11. I'm Spanish and jane austen addict, bringing not one, not two or three ... I have almost all the books several times repeated! The paperback books, books with hard cover, a comic I've been finding (although very dficiles to get in Spain) so as you can see, a 100% austenite.
    Nice to meet you ...

  12. that is a beautiful edition Angela! you lucky you!

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