Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 Days of a Jane Austen Christmas Day 2

Day 2

A Darcy Christmas


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A few years ago we had horrible ice storm that covered most of Southern Ohio. It came on quickly and without warning. It was nice and warm, 50 degrees when I headed to church for play practice, by the time practice was over a freezing rain had coated the streets. That night tree limbs were coated with ice so thick they were snapping off the trees. Power lines were down, the whole town was a block of ice. It just so happened that this storm arrived four days before Christmas.

Luckily I live within a block from the hospital, which meant that my house would be among the first to have the power back on. Friends and family piled in, luckily my house was large enough to accommodate them. The power did come on rather quickly, unfortunately it didn’t stay on for very long and we were without power for Christmas. I had the fireplace going, a few dozen candles lit, and a constant supply hot tea and cocoa filling almost every teapot I owned.

It was a very different Christmas, and we constantly refer to it as “Our Jane Austen Christmas”. While it was bit chilly, we were reminded of the simple things in life. My younger cousins were able to experience something more than cell phones, video game and television, they learned to sew and to draw silhouettes. They wrote and preformed their own plays. They used their own imagination! They experienced the joy of being with family.

Although we were without power for 7 days, it is still my favorite Christmas and I will always cherish being able to spend that time with my Great-Grandfather.


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  1. My favorite memory! My grandpa telling us stories, having a PJ party the Christmas weekend, the hot chocolate my gramma make! It's really good! I'm a follower! And I share the giveaway via twitter:!/Gisselle_Alv/status/147409785971683328
    Crossing finger!

  2. Please don't enter me in the contest as I already have this marvelous book, but I just wanted to comment on your post.

    I love what you did with your 'powerless' Christmas. My most memorable Christmas in recent years involved Ohio and a bad snowstorm. My husband and I were to fly out of Michigan to join my family in Utah, but because of his work, we flew separately with me going out earlier.
    He had a layover in Cincinnati so he got stranded. It was a memorable Christmas because he spent most of his Christmas at the airport trying to get a flight out and I spent it with my family.

    Enjoy the postings! Thanks!

  3. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, but we do celebrate the New Year so I'll tell my favorite memory from that.

    I made my little brother a set of three knit balls. They were hard to make, but seeing the smile on his face was well worth it.

    I'm a follower and my e-mail is

  4. My favorite Christmas memory is of getting up at six in the morning to sneak out and snag my stocking with my brothers and sisters. We would then take our loot into one of our bedrooms and dump it all on the floor, eating so much candy that I don't know how we had room for breakfast. :)

    GFC - Lieder Madchen!/LiederMadchen/status/147463037387943936


  5. My daughters second Christmas is the one I will always remember, she would lay under the tree for hours looking up at the lights.


  6. My favorite sister and I's yearly pageants put on for my parents. We were a family of four and did not live near relatives so every Christmas it was just the four of us. We had 4 or 5 Christmas record albums and every year we would choose 5 or 6 songs and put on a pageant for our parents. We would make up dance routines and sing and dance along to the music. This is the memory I cherish the most, along with not having a rushed Christmas. Those relaxing family Christmases spent at home were the best. I miss them.

    Thanks for the chance. I'm a GFC follower.

  7. I loved reading about your memory. Sometimes the things we think will be bad are the best!

    My favorite Christmas memory was going to visit my grandparents for Christmas and receiving a handmade doll house from my grandfather. It was such a pleasant surprise and i enjoyed it for years to come. Sadly, I do not have it any more- but I still remember the excitement of that Christmas morning and how special the handcrafted gift was to me then (and now).

    I am a GFC follower.