Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Robert Burns once wrote, "The best laid schemes o' Mice and Men gang aft aglee", or as we would say it “The best laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry.” I have to say that statement seems to be holding true when it came it getting this site up and running.

A few of the technical problems are still playing up, such as some of the pages are refusing to display what is on them, although I have decided to go ahead and start the blog up! Fingers crossed the whole site will be up and running within the next few days!

Ok first things first, we have winners for our first contest!

The first prize winner of The Addicted to Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice Survival kit is TRACEY RHOADES.

The second place winner who will be receiving a copy of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan is SUSIEBOOKWORM.

I will be emailing you both shortly.

I would like to thank everyone who entered. If you did not win please try again next time. Also I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments about the blog!

All winners are chosen at random by Random Number Generator.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite Jane Austen novel.

Tomorrow we will be taking a look at Jane Austen’s The History of England!

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