Review Policy

My Review Policy

-I started Addicted to Jane Austen to feed my Jane Austen addiction, which means I will only accept books related to Jane Austen, her novels, or her characters.

-I will accept both fiction and non-fiction books pertaining to Jane Austen, her books, or her characters.

-I will also accept non-fiction books related to the Regency era

-I prefer hard copies and ARC’s, occasionally I will accept ebooks but that is rare.

-Self-published and indie books are welcome as well

All reviews are my own honest opinion, which means that I may not like everything that I am reviewing. When that occurs, I will include in my review what I didn’t like about it and what others may like about it.

While the majority of the books reviewed on Addicted to Jane Austen come from publishing companies, authors, or publicity outlets, I occasionally review my own purchases, books that were received as gifts, or books that I have borrowed. The source where I obtained the book from will always appear in my review.

Like before, my review time table is still the same: Arcs will be reviewed within the month they are released or in the last two weeks of the month prior to the release month. Published books are normally reviewed within 3 weeks of receiving them but it may take a bit longer if my schedule is booked solid.
You can contact me at
angela.simmons86 @ yahoo dot com

Please include a synopsis of the book in your inquiry email.

I receive no compensation for my reviews.

I also have a contact form located on sidebar to the right if you wish to contact me that way.

All content and the title of this blog is copyright protected and belong solely to me. If you decide to nick my content and use it as your own, I will be alerted and consequences will follow.

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